About Achilles F.C. foundation


Achilles Football Club Foundation is a 501c3 Local Non-Profit established in June of 2018 providing recreational and competitive soccer programs for the development of disadvantaged and underserved youth from the DC Metro area. Our values are aligned with the US Soccer Foundation standards, which has a "national model for sports-based youth development." 

The main focus of the Achilles F.C. Foundation is to provide an equal opportunity for children who have the desire to play soccer, from underprivileged and impoverished backgrounds, the same high level training that other players get. With the "pay to play" model that so many soccer organizations are using in the US, Achilles strives to be different! Achilles F.C. welcomes ALL families, no matter the financial situation they are in.   

We partner with local schools to create cost-effective programs for the students of the DC Metro area in which students learn the fundamental skills of soccer while growing a passion for the beautiful game.



The Achilles F.C. Foundation will provide scholarships to low-income families in order to help make travel soccer accessible for kids who have a passion for the game. We believe some of the BEST players in the world came from low-income families and difficult situations growing up. These  players were giving an opportunity by someone which led them to success. We aim to provide the same opportunity to our low-income families in the DC Metro area.


Building a Family to Last!

Achilles F.C. Foundation is all about FAMILY! We believe that  soccer is a great way to build relationships that can last a lifetime. We stress to our players the importance of being open to all players, no matter the skill level or age, because that's what we do here - no judging of play - only encouragement and development! This is the main reason why our playing environment is so contagious!



Paul Weidow — Chevy Chase, MD

"Sal and the Achilles F.C. coaches are hands down the best youth soccer trainers in the Washington, DC metr area."


Michael Stanisich —Washington, DC

"It has been amazing to watch the boys evolve as players. The connection to the club & coaches is something they will carry forever!"


Elba Garcia — Silver Spring, MD

"Achilles F.C. provides a unique training for social emotional and technical development for youth soccer players in the DC Metro Area!" BY FAR THE BEST IN THE DMV! 

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding the Achilles F.C. Foundation or would like more information or partner with our programs, please don't hesitate to reach out.